Ningbo, China Travel Service Group Co., Ltd. (Ningbo China Travel Service) is approved by the National Tourism Administration, with outbound travel, inbound tourism, domestic tourism qualification of international travel agencies, travel agencies in Ningbo City, only with registered capital of 1920 million Group.

Enterprises mainly engaged in travel agency, tourist attractions development and management, air ticketing, conferences and business, large (celebration) activities of the organizations planning and other business. Has been established throughout the country supporting the business, marketing, hospitality and other service network, is moving in international, network, and brand direction.
Group, which owns vertical cloud Tongtianhe Tonglu Scenic Area, Shaoxing, China International Travel Service and so on.
Exit with internal, domestic department, outreach reception department, to take the Ministry of straight off the sales center, automotive individual, office, Finance Department, Ticketing, Planning Division, Network Department, tour guide (leader) and other departments . Zhejiang Province is now one of the few tour groups.

Companies rely on strong financial strength and has a large number of excellent management, operations, planning, marketing, development, and language is complete, well-trained tour guides and other professionals with extensive experience in the tourism industry, adhere to the "struggle to serve the customer base to Tree service reputation, service and development "business principle of" sound, standardized and efficient "business philosophy, results of operations increased year after year, also received many honors. Recent years, the company has been the national, provincial Tourism Administration awarded the national, provincial hundred and Ningbo Tourism Administration awarded the top ten best travel agents and travel agents.

Won the National Tourism Administration in 2008 awarded the "National hundred travel agencies", and again by the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau as a "hundred travel agencies in Zhejiang Province" and Ningbo Tourism Bureau awarded the "Best Travel Agency of Ningbo City." Customer Service Center by Ningbo municipal government awarded the city the first "civilized window." 2009, again won the National Tourism Administration awarded the "National hundred travel agencies", by Ningbo municipal government as "Ningbo City Services Top Ten" Star of growth, "Enterprise", also Ningbo Tourism Administration as "the best of Ningbo City Travel. "
Business performance in recent three years are as follows: turnover of 60.2 million yuan in 2007, 2008 annual turnover of 73.35 million yuan in 2009, turnover of 80.46 million yuan, nearly annual growth rate of 33.65%. The amount of 521,100 yuan in 2007 taxes, the amount of 1.0693 million yuan in 2008 taxes, the amount of 1.729 million yuan in 2009 taxes, nearly annual growth rate of 231.79 percent.

Enterprises will continue to adhere to business principles, and strive to international, brand direction.